Radio Network Equipment’s

Wi-Fi is an essential part of daily life in our connected world.

Enterprise-level connections use slightly different protocols and management methods than consumer networks, and the equipment is able to support larger loads without suffering from dropped signals or tapering off into dead zones. Access is controlled by an administrator to ensure only authorized users can connect. In some ways, it resembles a scaled-up version of home Wi-Fi designed to handle the higher demands of businesses and public institutions.

We are providing different equipments for networking that use in our daily life.

Infrastructure & Internet Security

The Internet’s crucial role in modern life, commerce, and government underscores the need to study the security of the protocols and infrastructure that comprise it. For years, we’ve focused on endpoint security and ignored infrastructure weaknesses.

Data Loss Prevention

We are focused on providing solutions for modern information security challenges. Our Data Loss Prevention Solution provides several vital elements. All of them working together form a powerful cross-platform DLP solution that protects Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Facial Recogniation Surveillance

Face identification has made its presence evident as an impact of advancement in technologies. Face identification in video surveillance has always been an challenging field where it needs to undergo a series of consideration to identify a particular face in the video.

Drone based Surveillance

Patented Smart Tethered Drones Providing Security, Reliability And Safety. Ensure security thanks a global view of the situation. Systems used in 30 countries, Secured Operations, 100% Autonomous, Unlimited Autonomy and Deployable in 10 minutes.

Radio Access Network

Inxol Networks provides comprehensive testing and assurance from the lab to the field, to assurance and optimization for RAN networks including scalable real-world emulation, end-user experience testing, large scale deployment support and advanced RAN intelligence management platforms.

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