Planning to Implement the Network

WiFi is an essential part of daily life in our connected world.

Enterprise-level connections use slightly different protocols and management methods than consumer networks, and the equipment is able to support larger loads without suffering from dropped signals or tapering off into dead zones. Access is controlled by an administrator to ensure only authorized users can connect. In some ways, it resembles a scaled-up version of home Wi-Fi designed to handle the higher demands of businesses and public institutions.

We are providing different equipment’s for networking that use in our daily life.

Predictive Cell Planning

The dedicated and cost- effective solution to transmit or receive Ntrip corrections. It opens the possibility for users to transmit RTK corrections via Internet. High Technology Solutions and Services in the Air Navigation Field and for Marine.

Indoor & Outdoor Coverage Planning

Dynamic Interference Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks for Rural and Suburban Areas. The protection limits, cochannel, and adjacent channel interference between cognitive radio and digital television technologies have been widely investigated.

Network Capacity & Traffic Planning

The speed test that Inxol Network uses tests the connection you would make as if a phone call was connecting through the network servers. This test will show a basic idea of what your current download and upload speeds are as well as the maximum pause, jitter, quality and any packet loss that your internet connection is experiencing.

Solution Design & Validation Services

Many businesses have already run a vulnerability assessment, so they may ask why they need to take the extra step of running Pen Tests. Penetration testing usually occurs after performing a vulnerability assessment. Acceptance as a success factor for planning wireless network infrastructure.

Systematic & Effective Network Planning

Wireless Network Planning allow telecom companies to calculate line of sight for low cost. The methodology begins with examining company business requirements. It is absolutely essential that you understand the company business model, business drivers and how they are growing from a business perspective. That will build the foundation for a design proposal that serves the business, technical and operational requirements of the company.

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