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When going solar, it’s likely you’ll want to run your home on as little energy from the grid as possible to optimize your energy savings and minimize the payback period. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth by consistently delivering quality projects.

What size system do you need?

The number of solar panels you’ll need is directly related to both your current energy usage and your energy goals. There are two key aspects to consider when evaluating which size system is suitable for your home:

How much electricity do you use?

Different households can vary greatly in electricity consumption. A family of five in a large home will likely use much more electricity than a couple in a small townhouse. A average home with two adults and two kids, with many appliances in use, might consume anywhere between 30 and 50 kWh a day.A single adult in an apartment could consume as little as 10kWh a day.A single adult in an apartment could consume as little as 10kWh a day.

When do you most often use electricity?

Whether you use electricity during the day or night may influence the size of the solar power system you need, and whether adding a battery also makes sense. If you mostly use electricity during the morning, it would be best to place your solar panels on an east-facing roof location. If you use energy most often during the afternoon or night, place your solar panels on a west-facing roof, or add a battery into your energy system to use solar energy when the sun isn’t shining.

Complete Solar System Kits

Unbound Solar offers complete, customizable solar solutions that include everything you need for a solar system. Browse complete solar power systems and backup power for homes. Each product in our solar range comes with a host of unique features, designed to be adaptable enough to to improve every day lives.

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