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Inxol Energy provides the best solar energy solutions all over Pakistan. Design and deployment are done by a team of experts who follow international installation standards to provide the best technical services ensuring that your investments last for the lifetime.

Integrated Solar and Storage Technology to Save on Your Energy Costs

Inxol energy helps their customers reduce their energy expenses by making commercial solar a part of their broader energy strategy. Our goal is to maximize customer savings that can be reinvested into differentiating and growing their core business.

How should you finance your business solar panels?

Commercial solar power providers offer several different business models. The best choice for your business will depend on the availability of discretionary cash, the size of the system, and the desire for fast, dramatic energy cost savings vs. a preference for lower startup costs and longer return on investment.

Many businesses choose to purchase systems outright, using available cash or business loans. Cash deals typically have a higher return on investment because they allow businesses to take advantage of tax credits and incentives, but they do require an upfront investment of capital that may not be feasible for all businesses, as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

How much electricity does your business consume?

Solar panels for commercial buildings can be sized from “just enough for today” to “plenty of power for years to come.” Can energy that exceeds your needs can be sold to your local electric utility, resulting in even greater cost savings? Or would you receive greater cost- benefit ratios by storing surplus power for use during times of little sunshine?

Get Solar. Get it financed

We bring flexible finance from bansk, top quality installation and a solar-as-a-service solution that makes going solar with Inxol easier than you ever imagined. Our digital approach brings us the speed needed to tackle the climate crisis.

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