NOC & Managed Services

Wi-Fi is an essential part of daily life in our connected world.

Enterprise-level connections use slightly different protocols and management methods than consumer networks, and the equipment is able to support larger loads without suffering from dropped signals or tapering off into dead zones. Access is controlled by an administrator to ensure only authorized users can connect. In some ways, it resembles a scaled-up version of home Wi-Fi designed to handle the higher demands of businesses and public institutions.

We are providing different equipments for networking that use in our daily life.

Managed NOC & SOC

The Network Operations (NOC) as-a-Service from Inxol Networks is a fully staffed and secured offering, designed to ensure cost effective, scalable, and 24×7 monitoring and support.The NOC monitors more than 10,000 devices that include hosted applications, servers, network devices, storage appliances, and IoT.

Managed Network Security

Network security management allows an administrator to manage a network consisting of physical and virtual firewalls from one central location. Often these rules are cluttered, duplicated, outdated, or conflict with new rules, inadvertently affecting a network’s performance and security.

Managed Data Centre

Inxol Netwoks Managed Data Center provide support for broad technology solutions and lifecycle management capabilities for physical, virtual, and cloud-enabled environments. Inxol Netwoks further empower IT to realize the benefits of data center modernization and the cloud-enabled enterprise.

Telco & Non-Telco Management

Telcos are under increasing pressure to match market bandwidth pricing due to the extensive options now available to their customers both in the WAN and non-WAN environments. This is typically very difficult for telcos to do due to the huge legacy investments they have in their networks either domestically or globally.

Shrinking the Distance between NOC & SOC

Companies cannot afford extended network downtime, any more than they can afford cybercriminal activity targeting systems running the business or their information assets. Unfortunately, enterprise security and performance teams rarely operate as holistically as the forces they’re fighting against. No one would dispute the need for a NOC, which traditionally monitors and remedies any threats to system availability or performance. The SOC, which ensures information assets are not stolen, lost or damaged, is equally important.

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